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July 20, 2017
Salvation Army Has Its Bell Rung by NYC

(FRC) A few years ago, who could believe that the U.S. House would actually be debating taxpayer-funded sex changes? Even more disturbing, who could imagine that 23 Republicans would actually support the idea? Unfortunately, these are the realities of a post-Obama world, where conservatives are desperately fighting to rebuild America from the rubble that eight years of extremism left behind.  (Read More)

July 20, 2017
Adorable Baby With Down Syndrome Headlines New Yogurt Ad Campaign

(LifeNews) A beautiful little girl with Down’s syndrome is now gracing yoghurt pots across Ireland. Abby Dillon has just been revealed as one of four faces of Glenisk’s Organic No-Added-Sugar Baby Yogurts. She was one of the 14 finalists chosen from 4,500 entries into Glenisk’s #SweetBaby search competition.  (Read More)

July 20, 2017
Faith crisis in U.K.: 93% of Christians feel marginalized

(OneNewsNow) Premier Christian Communications (PCC) surveyed some 12,000 Christians in the U.K. to discover what it is like for believers to live in a post-Christian society – in an island nation where militant Islam is tolerated and Christianity is rejected.  (Read More)

July 20, 2017
Yes, gay activists want to punish Christian conservatives

(OneNewsNow) Call me paranoid if you like, but I`m simply quoting what Tim Gill, the foremost LGBT political donor, says in his own words: "We`re going into the hardest states in the country," he declares. "We`re going to punish the wicked" – by which he means Christian conservatives. In short, if you will not comply with LGBT activism...  (Read More)

July 20, 2017
General Pauses for a Moment of Science

(FRC) Liberals may not care how their agenda cripples the military, but some leaders in the Pentagon sure do. Behind closed doors, the idea of enlisting people who are confused about their own gender is hugely unpopular with most top defense officials, the media are reporting. And at least one of those officials, Air Force General Paul Selva, is letting the Senate know it.  (Read More)

July 20, 2017
Evolutionist Claims “Survival of the Fittest” Makes it OK to Euthanize Disabled Newborns

(LifeNews) The evolutionary biologist, Jerry Coyne, writes a blog entitled, “Why Evolution is True.”

One would think that by choosing that title, Coyne should restrict his discussions to questions of science that touch on questions and explanations about how and why life changes over time.  (Read More)

July 19, 2017
US Army Tells Female Soldiers to `Accept` Having Naked Men in Their Showers

(Christianpost.com) The U.S. Army is instructing its female soldiers to "accept" having men in their showers and changing areas who are "transitioning" but still have their male genitalia, according to training documents that have been released. (Read more)

July 18, 2017
New Survey Shows America Becoming Increasingly Hostile to Christianity

(California Family Council) A recent study by Barna reveals the truth about what the spiritual climate in America is currently like. The study was conducted over 7 years, ending in 2016, and focuses on the most post-Christian cities in the US. According to Barna, “To qualify as ‘post-Christian,’ individuals must meet nine or more of our 16 criteria… which identify a lack of Christian identity, belief and practice. These factors include whether individuals identify as atheist, have never made a commitment to Jesus, have not attended church in the last year or have not read the Bible in the last week.” (Read more)

July 14, 2017
Who Lives, Who Dies?

(Breakpoint) What would Chuck Colson have said about the case of little Charlie Gard?  Who should decide who lives and who dies?

Back in 2009, Chuck prophetically warned that with nationalized healthcare comes increased government control over these decisions—especially when it comes to “quality of life” issues.  (Read More)

July 14, 2017
44% of liberal Dems claim churches bad for U.S.

(OneNewsNow) This view, however, is not only shared by a significant proportion of “liberal” Democrats, but by a large chunk of all Democrats, as Pew Research Center also revealed that more than one in three Democrats in America (36 percent) see churches’ impact on society as negative.  (Read More)

July 14, 2017
Hawaii to Force Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to Advertise Free Abortions

(Daily Signal) All five of Hawaii’s pro-life pregnancy centers will be forced to choose between advertising free abortions and defying the state’s demands starting Wednesday, after Gov. David Ige allowed a mandatory disclaimer bill to become law Tuesday night.  (Read More)

July 14, 2017
Church Affirms Transgenders, Bishops Declare: "LGBT Not Sin"

(Faith & Freedom) The General Synod of the Church of England has officially passed a motion welcoming and affirming transgender people to the church.

Top bishops have declared that being LGBT is "not a sin."

Will Church of England`s American sibling---the Episcopal Church, and others, soon do the same?  (Read More)

July 14, 2017
Bewildered Media Stunned by Image of Trump Praying with Christian Leaders in the Oval Office

(LifeNews) Religion in politics is seemingly so far removed from the media’s idea of normalcy that a picture of the President praying left one CNN anchor struggling to find words, Wednesday.  (Read More)

July 14, 2017
City pol not planning to stop scripture readings

(OneNewsNow) Reading the Bible in a public setting is under attack in a Florida town – and one of the usual suspects is responsible for the attack.  (Read More)

July 07, 2017
Gender Change & Anti-Religious Liberty Bills Nearing Final Approval - ACTION NEEDED!

Several bills that change the very definition of gender and outlaw religious organizations from living according to their faith are nearing approval. If you haven`t voiced your opinion on these bills, please do so now. (CLICK HERE)

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

July 13, 2017
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July 06, 2017
U.S. Supreme Court’s Unreported Arrogance

(Family Action Council of Tennesee) The arrogance of our United States Supreme Court was on full display this week in a surprise decision that went grossly underreported in the mainstream media. If you heard about the decision, I’d be shocked. Moreover, the decision proves that the Court is now in the business of issuing edicts that states must follow without the courtesy of any attempt to explain how they are to do so.  (Read More)

July 06, 2017
On Israel`s border, Iranian poster warns: `We are coming`

(OneNewsNow) The Islamic Republic has donned the Lebanon-Israel border with the threatening message, “We are coming,” which is portrayed coming out of the mouth of the iconic Muslim cleric who led the revolution of 1979 to overthrow Iran’s Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.  (Read More)

July 06, 2017
Charlie Gard’s Death Sentence

(Breakpoint) Can the government tell you when and where your child will die? For one couple in the U.K., the answer is “yes.” This is a chilling precedent.

An incredibly complicated and heartbreaking life-and-death medical case has sparked an international debate: It’s the case of little Charlie Gard.  (Read More)

July 06, 2017
Google Censors Popular Pro-Life Page With Extensive Abortion Information

(LifeNews) The fact page Abortions in America, was – until six weeks ago – OperationRescue.org’s most visited page. It previously appeared on Google in top five hits on the search “Abortions in US,” and was a top referrer to OperationRescue.org. It has since been buried off the first results page...  (Read More)



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